It goes without saying that 2020 was a tough year for everyone. But one silver-lining is that because we stayed home, we looked around and wondered ‘how can I make my home more comfortable and practical?’. Whether you’re setting up your kitchen for the first time or you’re looking to give it a makeover, we’re sharing one of our favourite kitchen must-haves, so that you can improve your kitchen.

Early research shows the number of home renovations was the highest it had been in over 20 years! And a big focus of home renovations is still the kitchen. In fact, more money is spent on renovating kitchens than other rooms. 

Anyone who has renovated their kitchen will tell you that stone kitchen benchtops and stylish cabinets are just the beginning. You’ve got to have the right tools in your kitchen to take your entertaining and cookery skills to the next level. 

So, maybe your kitchen is newly renovated and you’re at the stage of thinking about the best kitchen tools to buy to make your house a home. Or perhaps you’re on a mission to improve your current kitchen to make it as functional and stylish as possible. There is one must-have kitchen tool that every home chef needs: a large benchtop cutting board.

3 reasons to add a large wooden benchtop cutting board to your list of ‘what to buy for your kitchen’:

It’s the most versatile and long-lasting kitchen tool you’ll own 

There aren’t many kitchen tools that are as versatile, high quality, long lasting and timelessly attractive as a large wooden cutting board like the extra-large Mogo chopping board. This benchtop board is aesthetically designed to live out on your bench as a key feature of your kitchen while still showing off your benchtop. 

Not only can you use this wooden benchtop board for the obvious purposes of chopping, cutting, and carving. But it is also perfect as cheese board and serving board. 

Plus, our chopping boards are made to be resilient to water and have natural anti-bacterial properties. And it gets even better: the acacia wood Wild Wood uses can handle everyday use with sharp knives and utensils but won’t dull your knife the way a plastic or glass cutting board will! 

The popularity of open plan homes and kitchens that flow into dining and living areas has increased the importance of making sure the utensils sitting on your bench top not only work well but look great even with everyday use. This has led to an increase in the demand for larger chopping boards because they are both practical and attractive. Not to mention the fact that it makes a perfect gift for Father’s Day!  

The versatility and longevity of these boards are among some of the reasons why these are a kitchen must-have. And believe it or not, when you know how to look after your Wild Wood chopping board, it will last a lifetime!

It will protect your bench tops 

When you walk into a kitchen what are the first features you notice? The kitchen benchtops, the stove, and the oven. We notice these features of a kitchen because they are the most prominent and expensive aspects.

In fact, the kitchen bench is the most common part to be upgraded in a renovation according to consumer research. Not only that, but your kitchen bench can require the most maintenance if it is made from natural stone or oiled timber. 

Natural stone is a timeless and luxurious benchtop material. But because it is porous, citrus, wine, tea, and coffee can easily stain the surface. A quick fix to protect your stone benchtop is to get your hands on a large wooden benchtop board like our Murray Butcher’s block.

The Murray Butcher’s block is carefully crafted to not only be an attractive key feature of your kitchen, but also practical. Designed with a juice lane, it is an effective and aesthetic way of preventing liquids from your food preparation spilling and staining your benchtop. A feature that most plastic and glass chopping boards don’t offer. 

On top of this, you’ll also benefit from using a benchtop board as a heat mat to protect your bench from hot oven dishes and cookware.  

It will increase your bench space in a small kitchen 

The most common problem with a small kitchen is the limited amount of bench space. 

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment or a small home, there is no doubt you understand how tricky it is to prepare a meal or entertain when you haven’t got enough room for food preparation. The constant shifting and moving just to have enough space for your chopping board amongst your appliances is like trying to do a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit together. 

But there is a solution to limited bench space in a small kitchen. Getting your hands on a large wooden cutting board to position over your sink can make your small kitchen more functional.

The average size of a kitchen sink is about 55x70cm which means our Yass extra-large long grain cutting board will fit length-ways over most kitchen sinks. Now you’ve just bought yourself about 2000cm2 of bench space! This is a huge amount when you consider the average amount of bench space for a 1 to 2 person kitchen is 1.9m.  

However, if you want a chopping board that isn’t as large, but still want the additional food preparation space, then get a board to sit over your cooktop burners when you’re not using them.  

A large wooden chopping board sitting over your sink or stove top is an easy way to make a small kitchen more functional. Now you’ll be able to take your home chef skills and entertaining to the next level in a small kitchen too! 

But don’t just take our word for it. Get your hands on one of our large wooden benchtop boards and it will speak for itself.