Our Wood

The superb quality Wild Wood range of wooden boards is handcrafted in Northern Thailand. Every piece of Wild Wood is environmentally-friendly and is either reclaimed wood or made using a magnificent Acacia wood tree commonly referred to as “The Rain Tree”, which has a very unique look and feel. The Rain Tree nickname is particularly accurate because when it rains, or night comes, the leaves of the tree fold up and allow the rain to fall through the tree, keeping the grass below the tree green!

Wild Wood Acacia is farmed from sustainable plantations managed by local farmers, and all our wood is harvested with careful consideration for the environment and the ongoing growth of mature trees. This encourages strong future growth with trees often reaching 20-30 metres in height. 

The superb quality of our wood pieces is enhanced by the experienced Thai artisans crafting each piece. They are experts in their trade, and have been making wooden products for over 35 years.


We choose to use Acacia wood for our boards as the innate hardness of the wood is ideal for the kitchen and the home. It is also a beautiful looking wood, with the grain colours contrasting between soft honeyed hues and deep, dark chocolates. Acacia is inherently dense which helps make it naturally resistant to bacteria.

All of the Wild Wood lines are designed & developed in Australia by Jane & Jonathan, and through a strong partnership with our friends in Thailand, Wild Wood will continue to supply the world market with beautiful products.

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