As someone who loves to cook at home, you’re not just a cook. You’re a ‘home chef.’ You take pride in not just the result but also in the meal preparation. As such, it’s important that you use high-quality equipment to make the preparation task easier. So you need items like cookware, kitchen knives, utensils, as well as benchtop chopping boards.

What’s a kitchen without a quality benchtop? And after installing that beautiful new benchtop, how do you protect it and still, have a way of showing the benchtop off? These concerns have led to an increase in the demand for large-sized chopping boards.

Well, Wild Wood benchtop boards are here to meet those demands. Our wide range of benchtop cutting boards is made of Acacia wood, a hardwood with a full-grain finish that is warm and environmentally friendly.

This hardwood has a high-end look due to its rich, vivid hues, which sets it apart from traditional boards. It is also resilient to water and has antibacterial properties.

Still not sold on the idea of big chopping boards? Then, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a large benchtop cutting board and what you can do to maintain them.

Benchtop Cutting Boards are the best Large Chopping Boards

Benchtop cutting boards offer many more advantages since they can do almost everything a small cutting board can.

The only issue would be that they take up more counter space. But, apart from this, big chopping boards are great!

Here are some uses of a big chopping board:

1. Butcher Block

Butcher blocks are large thick benchtop cutting boards made primarily for butchery. These boards are built to take the beating that comes with cutting heavy meat into pieces. As such, they tend to be quite thick to enable them to withstand the weight placed on them.

Furthermore, their large size gives you enough room to work with, preventing the meat from falling off at the sides.

With a big chopping board, you don’t need a butcher block. It can function well as a butcher block.

Take a look at our Franklin Large Thick End Grain Cutting, Chopping and Carving Board. This benchtop cutting board is very effective in handling heavy-duty cutting.

Our Murray XLarge Thick End Grain ‘Butcher’s Block style’ Cutting, Chopping and Carving Board with juice lane is also perfect for carving juicy roasts.

2. Serving Board

A large cutting board can also serve as a great serving board. For example, you could use it to present cheese, a roast, cake or bread. It’s perfect for a classy food presentation.

If you want a great serving board, you should check out our Avoca Large End Grain Cutting, Chopping and Carving Board.

3. Photo backdrop

For those who love taking photos of their dishes, big chopping boards can provide an incredible photo backdrop. They can create an aesthetically pleasing view of the meal.

Yass Large Long Grain Cutting and Carving Board is one of our best-selling boards. This board is well crafted to display elegance and style. You can expect this board to complement the picture of your food, making it appear tastier.

And if you want something similar to this big chopping board but larger, you can get the Yass XLarge Long Grain Cutting and Chopping Board.

4. Cutting veggies

If you are cutting a large number of veggies, a large benchtop chopping board can be of great help. A big chopping board helps you to cut a large number of greens in a short time without the vegetables falling off.

Our Mogo Chop Cutting, Carving and Chopping Board comes in quite handy for this purpose. And if you desire an even bigger size, we have The XLarge Mogo Chop Cutting, Carving and Chopping Board.

How To Clean Large Cutting Boards

Properly cleaning your large benchtop cutting boards is crucial for maintaining them if you want them to last longer. Here are some steps to follow to properly keep your big chopping boards:

  • First, wash with warm soapy water using a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Then, rinse the boards after cleaning them.
  • Wipe the surface and place the board upright to air-dry. You can do this by putting the board in a dish rack.
  • Oil regularly to ensure that it continues to remain water-resistant. However, you should make sure that the board is completely dry before applying the food-safe oil.

Things to avoid doing when cleaning your big chopping boards:

  • Submerging it. Submerging your board can cause it to take in too much water resulting in warping.
  • Using a dishwasher. It can cause the benchtop chopping board to crack and warp.

Choose a Countertop Butcher Block for Cutting

If you want an eco-friendly kitchen space, the countertop butcher block may be exactly what you need for cutting. These countertop butcher blocks provide a smooth surface that allows for the easy preparation of food.

However, using countertop butcher blocks comes with its upsides and downsides. Some of the pros of using our countertop butcher blocks for cutting include:

  • They last longer than many other materials.
  • They have properties that make them antibacterial.
  • They come at various prices, making it easy to go for the one you can afford.
  • Comes in various styles that allow it to easily blend with many home interior designs.

On the other hand, here are some of the cons of using countertop butcher blocks for cutting:

  • After a long period, they can accumulate dents and scratches.
  • They require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in top condition.

Choose a Countertop Butcher Block for Cutting

The longevity and attractiveness of your butcher block depend on how much care you give to it. Here are some guidelines for proper handling of your butcher block:

  • First, clean the surface of your butcher block with mild soap and water.
  • Follow the advice of the manufacturer.
  • Try as much as possible not to allow wood tops to soak with water or any other liquid.
  • Avoid trying to sanitise your block with bleach.
  • Try not to use vegetable oil, canola, or olive oil for maintenance since they can get spoilt.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning tools on your block.
  • Avoid using a serrated-edged knife to cut anything on the block.

Contact Wild Wood for Big Chopping Boards

Big chopping boards have become a must-have in every kitchen. They’re efficient and aesthetically pleasing, so long as you get the right ones.

At Wild Wood, we provide nothing but the best quality wooden chopping boards. Our wooden benchtop cutting boards are carefully handcrafted to be practical, durable and make your kitchen look warm and inviting.

Our boards are designed to be used all day, every day, and when maintained properly, will last a long time. So go ahead and check out our different wooden benchtop chopping boards.