The XLarge Mogo Chop Cutting, Carving & Chopping Board

The XLarge Mogo Chop Cutting, Carving & Chopping Board

The construction of this board is quite unique, the grain runs down the board (rather than across), and is an idea developed and introduced by Janie & Jonathan many years ago when they were looking for a board which was solid, but also had a beautiful look about it. The building of the board requires great craftsmanship to marry the grain of each piece and give it a special look and feel. This design is an attractive difference to many other board presentations. The XL Mogo Chop is able to handle serious chopping, cutting and carving, and is perfect for prepping family meals. It will look great as a practical feature piece on your benchtop.

Item #WCB110
Size (LxWxH)51 × 38 × 5.5 cm


Available to Back Order | Currently we are out of stock, however a new shipment arrives mid July 2022

Additional information

  • One of the largest chopping boards in our range
  • Unique design with the wood grain running doen the chopping board
  • Ergonomic design with carved handholds
  • Thick and hard wearing design 
  • Ideal wooden board for carving roast meats and prepping Asian style dishes
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