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Wild Wood is a smart collection of beautiful wood items designed in Australia by Jane & Jonathan at WOH! We want you to love your purchase, so we put a lot of work into making it look great and work brilliantly.

The superb full grain finish of all our acacia wood boards is warm and inviting, and will be appreciated more as it gracefully ages.

This versatile range is ideal for preparing food including cutting, chopping & carving of any kind. Our boards are designed to be used all day, every day and when cared for will last a long time. They are also ideal for serving cheese, tapas, mixed platters, pizzas and cakes.

We are a ‘Brand for Good’, meaning that we donate to worthy causes which make sense for the Wild Wood brand. The two key ways we donate (every month) is via B1G1 and One Tree Planted.

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After use, Hand Wash in warm soapy water, then it is best to dry your board in a dish rack or pat it dry. Do not leave your board to dry in the sun as the intense heat caused by the sun could warp your board. Do not soak your board in water, and you should never place it in the dishwasher.

Depending on how often you use your board, we would recommend oiling it regularly, about every second month. The best guide is when your board is looking pale, or dry, then it needs conditioning (oiling). Using a paper towel, apply a coat of vegetable oil to the board. Wipe off the excess oil and let the rest soak into your board over approx. 15-20 minutes. Then your board should be looking like new.

Wooden boards are the best boards to use for any cutting, chopping or carving of food in your home. Wooden boards are kind to your knives, last a long time, and look great. They are easy to clean and maintain, and look better as they age. Wood is an eco-friendly material and this is an important thing to consider when purchasing a new board. Importantly wooden boards contain natural anti-bacterial properties ensuring they are safer than any other material.

Over time and with regular use your board will become ‘scarred’ with fine cuts from your knife. However, these marks will make your board look better over time, and will blend together to make the board look aged and well-used. The cuts in the board will not harbour germs or bacteria as the fibres of the board ‘close over’ and seal off any bacteria, essentially killing it. This has been scientifically proven to occur. The best looking boards are the ones which are well used and have lots of character.

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