Wooden chopping boards Australia

Beautifully crafted, ethical, and practical

Our Passion

Wild Wood is a smart collection of beautiful wood items designed in Australia by Jane & Jonathan at WOH! We want you to love your purchase, so we put a lot of work into making it look great and work brilliantly.

The superb full grain finish of all our acacia wood boards is warm and inviting, and will be appreciated more as it gracefully ages.

This versatile range is ideal for preparing food including cutting, chopping & carving of any kind. Our boards are designed to be used all day, every day and when cared for will last a long time. They are also ideal for serving cheese, tapas, mixed platters, pizzas and cakes.

  • Handcrafted

  • Sustainable

  • Unique

  • Contemporary

  • Quality

Wood & Food

In direct regard to food and wooden boards, the following facts have been scientifically proven: Cutting boards made of close

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