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About Our Wooden Cheese Boards

Smarten up your entertaining with some gorgeous wooden cheese boards. Wild Wood has a great selection of cheese cutting boards, paddle boards and rustic serving boards. A centrepiece board that is both stylish and functional provides a beautiful addition to your table when entertaining, however it is important to choose wisely.

Finding a decent wooden cheese board isn’t easy. Our aim is to design pieces that look fabulous, even when they are covered in fine cheeses and condiments. We want people to ask ‘What kind of serving board is that?’

The best way to serve cheese boards

Wooden boards are the best and most common choice for serving cheese. The innate character of our acacia means the cheese looks even better when served on one of the boards in the Wild Wood range. What often makes the real difference is the character of the wood and how it emphasizes the story of the cheese, which is why acacia wood with its beautiful warm grain and varying colours is an ideal accompaniment to serving cheese.

When choosing a wooden cheese board, it’s important to pick a wood species that will not absorb flavours easily. Certain woods can invoke their flavours into delicate food products such as cheese, so it is important to choose a hardwood, such as acacia, and preferably one that is reasonably neutral to your sense of smell. For example, oak, camphor laurel and most soft woods (fir, cedar, pine, cypress) are not necessarily ideal to act as cheese serving boards. Oak in particular is well-known for its ability to transfer flavours, you only have to understand why winemakers use oak wine barrels to realise it readily imparts flavour.

So when selecting a wood cheese serving board, we recommend one of the beautiful acacia boards in our broad selection.

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  • 17946775814098104

    Avoca Large End Grain Cutting, Chopping & Carving Board, 51 x 36 x 3cm

  • Balmoral Rectangle Serving Paddleboard, hanging, 49 x 20cm

  • Sale

    Barossa Serving & Cutting Board, Long, 62 x 20cm

    Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $75.00.
  • Barossa Serving & Cutting Board, Medium, 50 x 20cm

  • Barossa Serving & Cutting Board, Small, 39 x 18cm

  • Bathurst Serving Paddle, Small

  • Wcb143 Wild Wood Bendigo Bbq Prep & Serving Board Xlarge

    Bendigo Large Cutting, Carving & Serving Board, 51 x 36cm

  • Wcb143 Wild Wood Bendigo Bbq Prep & Serving Board Xlarge

    Bendigo Medium Cutting, Carving & Serving Board, 41 x 31cm

  • Wcb143 Wild Wood Bendigo Bbq Prep & Serving Board Xlarge

    Bendigo XLarge Cutting, Carving & Serving Board, 61 x 41cm

  • Cooma Round Serving & Pizza Paddleboard, 43 x 32cm

  • Sale
    WCB301 Wild Wood Gosford Large Round Cutting Serving Board High Res

    Gosford Large Round Cutting & Serving Board, 40 x 2cm

    Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $99.00.
  • Katoomba Gift Serving Boards (tied with cotton ribbon), 25 x 20cm

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    Large Round Pizza Paddle, 38cm

    Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $49.95.
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    Leura Twin Gift Serving Boards (tied with cotton ribbon), 20 x 16cm

    Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $49.95.
  • Noosa Everyday Cutting & Serving Board, Medium, 36 x 26cm

  • Noosa Everyday Cutting Board, Large, 47 x 26cm



We sell several different sizes and shapes of cheese boards. A cheeseboard can really be any shape or size that you want it to be!

It depends on the kind of presentation that you want to make and the space that you have to fit it. For example, if you’ve got a long table and you wanted a cheese board in the center of the table, then you would choose a longer and thinner serving platter, which we have in our Barossa range or our Bathurst Paddle range.

If you were serving on a bench top, then you might select a rectangular board that gives you more room to work with and you can just leave it in place. Otherwise, you may want to use a round paddle board that is light and easy to pick up and put down. This gives you the option of being able to offer your cheeseboard around a group of people.

You should always select a hardwood like Acacia wood or Hevea which most Wild Wood cheese boards are made of. These woods have natural antibacterial properties and are kind to your knife blade.

They will also last for a lot longer than soft wood cheese boards which are more likely to warp and crack over a short period of time.

We would recommend avoiding boards that have a smell to them or wood that is designed to impart its particular flavour.

For example, Oak boards are not ideal for serving cheese platters on as we all know winemakers use Oak to infuse flavours into the wine. We don’t want that for your cheese!

We also would recommend avoiding cheese boards made from Camphor Laurel (a very common wood in Australia) as it has a strong smell and that may impart onto your cheese!

Yes, you can use a cutting board as a cheese board. You just have to be careful that if you have used the cutting board for cutting previously, that it is washed and dried before you use it as a cheeseboard.

The reason for this is you don’t want any odors or colours that may have leached into the board from what you were cutting to affect your cheese.

It’s important for you to have washed the board in warm, soapy water, and either pat it dry or let it air dry naturally.

You can also use your cheese board as a chopping board. Many of our cheese serving boards are designed to be used every day and they are tough and very well built.

Wooden boards will become rustic over time.The more you use your wooden cheese board the better it becomes.

Your history makes its way into the board through the knife cuts and stains that it picks up and it becomes more attractive as it gracefully ages over time.

However, you can purchase rustic style boards in our range and these boards are made from repurposed wood or recycled timber which is also very eco-friendly.

This allows us to take the elements of the wood that are in the grain and repurpose it into a cheese board, resulting in those rustic looks and feel. These boards are completely safe as all hardwoods have antibacterial properties. Our Bathurst paddles are really good examples of wooden boards for a rustic cheese platter.

The same way you would clean any wooden boards! The simplest way to wash them is using warm, soapy water and then to air dry them or pat them dry.

Do not put them in the dishwasher as they are prone to warping and cracking because wood doesn’t like very hot or high pressure water.

We also recommend oiling your wooden cheese boards with vegetable oil because it is easily accessible from a supermarket shelf and works brilliantly to bring your cheese board back to its former glory.

We would advise against olive oil because olive oil can get caught in the fibers of the wood and can possibly go rancid over a period of time.

If you want to give a cheese board as a gift, it’s a really nice idea to select a variety of nice cheeses. We would suggest a hard cheese like a cheddar, a soft cheese like brie or camembert and something like a blue cheese.

Then you have a nice assortment of cheese to unwrap and enjoy together on their new wooden cheese board.

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