Wooden Cheese Boards

Acacia wood boards

Smarten up your entertaining with some gorgeous wooden cheese boards.  Wild Wood has a great selection of cheese cutting boards, paddle boards and rustic serving boards. A centrepiece board that is both stylish and functional provides a beautiful addition to your table when entertaining, however it is important to choose wisely.

Finding a decent wooden cheese board isn’t easy. Our aim is to design pieces that look fabulous, even when they are covered in fine cheeses and condiments. We want people to ask ‘What kind of serving board is that?’

The Best Cheese Serving Boards

Wood is the best and most common choice for serving cheese. The innate character of our acacia means the cheese looks even better when served on one of the boards in the Wild Wood range. What often makes the real difference is the character of the wood and how it emphasizes the story of the cheese, which is why acacia wood with its beautiful warm grain and varying colours is an ideal accompaniment to serving cheese.

When choosing a wooden cheese board, it’s important to pick a wood species that will not absorb flavours easily. Certain woods can invoke their flavours into delicate food products such as cheese, so it is important to choose a hardwood, such as acacia, and preferably one that is reasonably neutral to your sense of smell. For example, oak, camphor laurel and most soft woods (fir, cedar, pine, cypress) are not necessarily ideal to act as cheese serving boards. Oak in particular is well-known for its ability to transfer flavours, you only have to understand why winemakers use oak wine barrels to realise it readily imparts flavour.

So when selecting a wood cheese serving board, we recommend one of the beautiful acacia boards in our broad selection.

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