Wild Wood Facts

We search for the best quality Acacia wood for use in making our Wild Wood boards. Here are some interesting facts about the Acacia wood we use in the production of our boards:

  • Acacia is an environmentally friendly hardwood that grows on all continents.
  • This pod-bearing tree is known for its rich, dark colours which range from honey gold to chocolate brown. Wild Wood only uses the heart of the Acacia wood harvested as this preserves the grain and presentation.
  • The full grain is warm, and the natural contrast which occurs in each Wild Wood piece gives them a high end look which sets them apart from other traditional wood products. 
  • Acacia wood has an unusual property known as chatoyancy – it appears to change colour and lustre in different lighting conditions.
  • In biblical times Acacia wood as used for bows and boats because of its impermeable strength.
  • All Wild Wood items are designed in Australia by Janie & Jonathan.
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