Care & Maintenance

At Wild Wood we understand trees are a precious resource across the world, in both the way they interact with our planet, and through the diverse flora and fauna they support. So Wild Wood aims to act responsibly at all times. We pay particular attention to the wooden products we design and develop, and to their sustainability and suitability for our concerned customers.

Jonathan Mills – MD

Environmental concerns are central to Wild Wood’s business as our product range is predominately made from wood. Our company policy is to try, wherever possible, to ensure that all Wild Wood products are manufactured from timbers sourced from well-managed and sustainable plantations.

Additionally, we have successfully reduced our business carbon footprint by removing any unnecessary packaging on our Wild Wood products, and the majority of our packaging is recyclable.


Every piece of Wild Wood is environmentally-friendly and is made from either reclaimed wood or the magnificent Acacia wood tree. Acacia wood is a non-endangered species and is prevalent throughout South-Eastern Asian.

Wild Wood Acacia is farmed from sustainable plantations managed by local farmers, and all our wood is harvested with careful consideration for the environment and the ongoing growth of mature trees. This encourages strong future growth with our trees often reaching 20-30 metres in height.

How to Care for your Board

Hand wash in warm soapy water and either rack dry or pat dry. DO NOT place in the dishwasher. Season occasionally with vegetable oil to keep it looking great.

All Wild Wood pieces are crafted from the highest quality acacia wood. Acacia wood is one of the hardest woods available on the world market, and is harder than maple and oak. It is also naturally resistant to water and unlike plastic cutting boards, contains antibacterial properties. Acacia is not prone to scraping or scratches, making it ideal for regular use.

However, it is important to care for your boards to ensure longevity. After all, careful ageing will produce a board your kids will want to keep! All Wild Wood products should be washed in warm soapy water and dried immediately. Wild Wood boards should not be left to soak in water or stored in high humidity environments. This will cause them to warp, which may be permanent. It is also important to oil these pieces on a consistent basis to preserve the natural lustre, and ensure they do not crack.

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