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Wild Wood has a range of wooden serving trays, display crates, boxes, caddies, and boards which are all great for smartening up displays and organising your cupboards and shelves at home, or in any café/restaurant. The premium quality of our Wild Wood range makes it ideal for commercial use as well as personal use.

As an eco-friendly alternative to plastic display and organisation products, our wooden pieces are warm and inviting and add a touch of class to your benchtop, cupboard or drawer. Our wood is reclaimed and sustainable which adds to the unique and homely feel. Many of the crates and trays in the Wild Wood range are ideal for many purposes including storage for BBQ tools and napkins, keeping your salt & pepper grinders tidy in clever little crates, also to manage your sauce, oil & vinegar bottles. It doesn’t end there; we have trays for bread, boxes to hold cutlery, caddies for carrying, and lots of other conveniences. Our crates and caddies are a great way of adding a beautiful rustic charm to any presentation.

Wooden serving trays

Our four handled wooden serving trays are strong and beautiful, they are a great gift and can be used to carry all sorts of things from one place to another.

Our display crates are made from recycled wood, so are very authentic and environmentally friendly.

Don’t forget our wonderfully practical chalkboards which can be used as reminder boards, table settings at cafes and used as mini menu holders.

All our display and organisation pieces are designed to have a distinct look and feel borne out of beautiful quality, stylish design and practicality.


With your kitchen pantry or any of your home cupboards you should be looking for storage items that are square or rectangular that fit nicely together and maximise the use of your space. Items that you can stack are also very helpful for organising a small or narrow cupboard or pantry.

There are so many organisational items on the market but the problem with most of these is that they are plastic which is not very environmentally friendly. We should all be looking to minimise our plastic usage as much as possible!

Here at Wild Wood, we love our storage items that are all made out of either recycled wood or wood that is being produced and purchased from sustainable plantations. Our display and organisation items are rectangular and can nest and stack to help organise your kitchen, cupboards or your pantry.

A breakfast tray is a tray that you would put plates and a cup of coffee or tea on, and you would present it to someone like your wife who is lying in bed on Mother’s Day waiting to receive her breakfast in bed!

We’ve got a number of different size wooden trays. Take a look at our large commercial size tray which is ideal for taking lots of plates, cups and sauces from one place to another in a hospitality setting or a family gathering.

We also have smaller serving trays and display boards, which you can use to present items in your home, to arrange a nice display on your dining room table, or to put into your pantry. These wooden trays add a contemporary feel to your interior design.

Decoration is a very personal thing and it’s up to you how you would like to decorate your serving tray. But any terrific interior designer will tell you to do it in threes! You want to display your goods in a way that looks attractive and catches people’s attention.

A display board or serving tray is a tray that you choose because it looks nice and presents beautifully. You can arrange things on it and display it on your sideboard, hallway table or on your kitchen table. You could decorate the display tray with flowers, fruit or ornaments.

Our wooden food display trays are often used in cafes and restaurants to display products on the counters so that customers can see them and buy them at the point of sale. It’s much nicer to have display items that are made out of wood, which is attractive and warm and presents better than plastic items.

You will find our large wooden serving trays very strong, stable, easy to pick up. They all have generous sized handles cut into them, even the largest hands can fit in them.

Our smaller trays don’t have handles as they are designed for organising things on your table or in your pantry. For example, they can hold a salt grinder and a pepper grinder. How often do you find that when you lift up the salt and pepper grinders from your table, all the salt and pepper grinds have gone everywhere?

If you store your salt and pepper grinders in a tray, then you’re going to contain the mess and you can just shake the grinds out and give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth. This takes your salt organisation to the next level!

Other things you can put in there are sauce, oil and vinegar bottles. Again, you will find things like these often get messy, particularly if you have kids!

What should I buy for my first kitchen?

Start off with our salt and pepper crate or our oil vinegar crate which are really small items, not expensive and can help organise your pantry or your kitchen. This also makes them the ideal housewarming gift too!

You will soon find yourself adding to your organisation collection and can upgrade to bigger trays or wooden display crates when need be.

You will see a lot of cafes and restaurants buy our boards because they like to be able to write reserved for tables or display the specials of the day on them.

But the wooden chalkboards are great at home too, they are so much fun! You can leave notes to your kids for when they get home from school, write daily fun facts on them or funny jokes.

The beauty of our chalkboard is it has a wooden base and the chalkboard itself can slip out of the base and you can just wash it at any time or take the board out and place it anywhere else. It’s not stuck to its wooden base.

Table caddies are a fantastic gift for your Dad – and they are notoriously hard to buy for! A wooden table caddy is a great gift for anyone who is into BBQing or hosts a lot of dinner parties or family lunches. What’s more, you could even take it somewhere and have it engraved!

In Australia, we have lots of meals on a deck or at outside tables. Simply put everything into your table caddy like your knives and forks, napkins, sauce bottles, and then you don’t have to carry them all individually. You just pick the wooden caddy up and away you go!

The Wild Wood table caddy has a gorgeous rustic look and a nice, thick, comfortable handle which makes it very easy to carry.

These caddies are very handy for picnics. Simply pack it in the car, and then you don’t have things like cutlery rattling around in your picnic basket and going all over the place.

Wild Wood wooden items will last forever if you look after them! All you have to do is wipe them down with a warm, damp cloth every now and then and let them air dry.

You can also rub a bit of vegetable oil on them to make them look better and to keep the wood in great condition.

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