Wooden Carving Boards

Our best range of acacia wood carving boards for cutting meat

The Wild Wood carving board range offers the best wooden boards for cutting meat! They have extra added features which make carving easier such as the extra large size of the board, a drip tray or channels to catch the juices and a solid wood construction to handle carving and chopping with sharp utensils and knives. The beautiful design of each board is both stylish and functional meaning they are often used as a centrepiece board for roast meat or even cheese platters .

Our Best Meat Carving Boards

Our wooden boards are ideal for carving all types of meat including roast lamb, beef, pork, chicken and also slow cooked dishes. Carving boards with juice lanes can also be used for cutting up fruit  just so the juices don’t run on to your benchtop or floor.

The specialist Mudgee Carving Board has many ideal features for carving including spikes, or mini pyramids to hold your roast whilst carving, channels to hold all those delicious juices which are such an important part of serving a roast, and a solid construction to ensure longevity.

Kitchen Use

These heavy duty boards can handle hard work in the kitchen, including carving and chopping, but also look great as a feature piece when you are serving up a roast to your family or guests. Our thick end grain butcher blocks are also perfect for your countertop.

Our Wood & Design

All the carving boards we develop have a distinct design element borne out of beautiful quality, stylish performance and practicality. We use acacia wood for all our carving boards as it is a hardwood, has a rich grain with vivid hues, a natural resilience to water, and holds antibacterial properties – making it the best material for cutting meat. Read more about Acacia wood facts.

Fathers Day Gift Idea

Carving Boards are ideal Father’s Day gifts. It is often so hard to find a present for Dad, but a carving board will always make him happy! When cared for, Wild Wood carving boards will last a lifetime.

Try one of our wooden carving boards, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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