Gift Boards

Acacia wood boards

Wild Wood has a broad selection of wooden boards which are perfect as a gift for anyone.

Wooden boards are a great way of adding a beautiful rustic charm to your kitchen and are incredibly practical. They can be used as cutting and chopping boards to prepare family meals, as serving boards to present everything from antipasto to cheese platters to pizzas, as carving boards for that magnificent family roast, and as a great bench saver for those hot saucepans and frypans.

Wild Wood boards are great gifts for Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. In most cases our boards can be laser engraved with a personal message (provided by external companies) to make them even more special than they already are.

Many Wild Wood boards are also superb centrepiece boards that are both stylish and functional. Look for our Stockton Display Board which comes with a stainless steel band around the board for a contemporary look and is ideal for displaying everything from smart cheese platters to wedding cakes.

We also have a range of Twin Gift Boards. They are a super gift board idea where two boards are tied together with natural cotton twill. The boards are sized for a variety of uses and look wonderful together.

We love wood, and with a strong environmental focus, we chose Acacia wood for our boards. It is perfect because the grain has rich, vivid hues and a natural resilience to water, with antibacterial properties. We want your board to sit on your benchtop and for all your friends to say, Wow! That looks great, where can I find one?!

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