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About Our Pizza Boards

Serving your pizzas on a wooden board is a great way of adding a beautiful rustic charm to the overall presentation. Most wooden boards can be used for serving on any occasion, and our pizza boards and paddles are designed to complement those beautiful home-made pizzas and make them look fabulous. Combining a warm natural look with strong and rigid construction, our popular Wild Wood paddle boards are used in commercial settings for serving pizzas, and are ideal for cafes, restaurants, wine bars and pubs.

Using an attractive wooden paddle board as a centrepiece attraction is ideal for serving your family size pizzas, also for serving a cheese platter, or antipasto presentation, and will add style and sophistication to your table.

At Wild Wood we love the natural look and feel of wood, and we are very environmentally aware, so when we are designing it is a natural progression for us to use wood as our raw material. Acacia wood is a perfect fit because the grain has rich, vivid hues and a natural resilience to water, with proven antibacterial properties. All our pizza paddles and serving boards have a distinct design element borne out of beautiful quality, stylish design and practicality.

Wooden Pizza Board With Handle

Many of our round pizza paddle boards are also designed as very smart serving boards with handles. These round paddle boards are not only great for pizzas, but also ideal for serving everything from starters to cheese platters. But don’t forget, your home-made pizzas will look even more inviting on these beautiful boards.

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  • Wcb143 Wild Wood Bendigo Bbq Prep & Serving Board Xlarge

    Bendigo Large Cutting, Carving & Serving Board, 51 x 36cm

  • Wcb143 Wild Wood Bendigo Bbq Prep & Serving Board Xlarge

    Bendigo XLarge Cutting, Carving & Serving Board, 61 x 41cm

  • Cooma Round Serving & Pizza Paddleboard, 43 x 32cm

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    WCB301 Wild Wood Gosford Large Round Cutting Serving Board High Res

    Gosford Large Round Cutting & Serving Board, 40 x 2cm

    Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $99.00.
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    Large Round Pizza Paddle, 38cm

    Original price was: $69.95.Current price is: $59.95.
  • Patonga Pizza Paddle, Large, 52 x 33cm

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    Round Serving Board & Pizza Paddle, 30cm

    Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $49.95.
  • Stockton Round Serving Display Board (with Stainless Steel Band), 40cm



Shape and size is the main difference between a pizza peel and a pizza paddle. Pizza paddles are generally smaller and round with a standard handle. This makes them ideal serving the pizza only.

A pizza peel is more of a spade shape with straight edges and a rounded end. It also features sloped edges all the way around making it easy to slide pizzas into the oven. Our pizza peels are bigger than our paddles and are designed so you can both prepare the pizza on the pizza peel, and also serve the pizza on the same board. The Wild Wood pizza peel also has a super comfortable handle which makes it easy to hold when prepping and also when serving your delicious home-made pizzas.

The same way you would clean any wooden boards! The simplest way to clean them is in warm, soapy water and then to either air dry them in a dish rack or pat them dry with a tea towel.

You should never soak a wooden board or put them in the dishwasher because this will damage the wood fibres and lead to warping or splitting.

Don’t be worried about melted cheese, because wood has a natural level of moisture in it, and food articles don’t stick to the wood very easily.

Even if it seems to be a bit difficult to remove, you can just use a knife blade and gently scrape underneath the cheese to remove it and then wash in warm, soapy water.

Wooden pizza peels and paddles are still the best to make a pizza on because the wood contains a small amount of moisture.

This means your pizza dough won’t stick to the wood like it would to a metal paddle or your kitchen bench. Moving your prepared pizza base from the wooden paddle to an oven or pizza stone is a breeze when you use a wooden pizza board!

You want the board to be bigger than 30 centimetres as the average size of a good homemade pizza is 25-30cm and you don’t want it touching the edge of the paddle. The handle also needs to be at least 15cm long so your hand won’t be anywhere near the hot stone or oven.
The thinness of a pizza paddle or peel is very important as when it is too thick it becomes too heavy to easily maneuver.

The edge of the pizza paddle or peel needs to be sloping so that the pizza can easily slide off. The pizza can get caught on a sharp edged board. Don’t destroy your hard work before you get to eat it!

Our pizza paddles and boards are Acacia wood which is a hardwood, so it is perfect for this type of use. These hardwoods have natural antibacterial properties and are kind to your knife blade.

Because pizza paddles and boards have to be thin to be easily handled, the quality of wood must be very high to stop the paddle from splitting.

A lot of people seem to think a pizza paddle is best if it’s made out of metal as there seems to be aluminum and stainless steel paddles on the market.

However, when pizza was being made 200 years ago it was on wooden paddles and funnily enough, the old school way is still the best way!

A wooden paddle, peel or round serving board is ideal for cutting pizza on as you can cut straight into the wood. No extra equipment needed!

Cutting and serving pizza on a wooden board is perfect because wood is a naturally warm material and won’t cool the pizza down rapidly like metal or ceramic.

Many of our pizza boards are designed to be used every day and they are tough and very well built.

Our wooden pizza paddles make excellent cheese boards, especially as they have handles and are great for serving to guests.

The great thing about our Acacia wood boards is that they are antibacterial so germs won’t spread. All you need to do is wash it after every use with warm soapy water and you are good to go!

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