Pizza Boards

Acacia wood boards

Serving your pizzas on a wooden board is a great way of adding a beautiful rustic charm to the overall presentation. Most wooden boards can be used for serving on any occasion, and our pizza boards and paddles are designed to complement those beautiful home-made pizzas and make them look fabulous. Combining a warm natural look with strong and rigid construction, our popular Wild Wood paddle boards are used in commercial settings for serving pizzas, and are ideal for cafes, restaurants, wine bars and pubs.

Using an attractive wooden paddle board as a centrepiece attraction is ideal for serving your family size pizzas, also for serving a cheese platter, or antipasto presentation, and will add style and sophistication to your table.

At Wild Wood we love the natural look and feel of wood, and we are very environmentally aware, so when we are designing it is a natural progression for us to use wood as our raw material. Acacia wood is a perfect fit because the grain has rich, vivid hues and a natural resilience to water, with proven antibacterial properties.  All our pizza paddles and serving boards have a distinct design element borne out of beautiful quality, stylish design and practicality.

Wooden Pizza Board With Handle

Many of our round pizza paddle boards are also designed as very smart serving boards with handles. These round paddle boards are not only great for pizzas, but also ideal for serving everything from starters to cheese platters. But don’t forget, your home-made pizzas will look even more inviting on these beautiful boards.

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