In this article, we look to answer the question “which cutting board is best for meat?” We’ll discuss the different sizes, materials, thicknesses and features that make for an outstanding wooden carving board when working with meat.

Few tools in the kitchen are as useful and versatile as the wooden cutting board. It is one of the things that you reach for every time you prepare a meal. Naturally, its durable surface allows you to prepare food without damaging or scratching your countertop. And wooden carving boards are more hygienic and easier to clean than other kitchen surfaces. But they also create a physical barrier between hot dishes and timber, protecting your table from heat. Plus, they look stylish when serving cheeses, tapas, platters, pizzas and cakes. You might even use your board as a plate when you’re feeling lazy!

But choosing the right board for needs can be tricky, so here is our guide on what kind of cutting boards are best for meat.

Benefits of a WOOD Cutting Board When Carving Meat

There are several reasons why using a wooden cutting board is best when carving meat – as opposed to plastic or glass boards.


Firstly, wood carving boards are renowned for their durability and long life expectancy. They are designed to be able to withstand heavy daily use. If you treat your wooden carving board with a little bit of attention, it can last you for years. This makes it a wise financial investment.

Easy Care

Maintaining and cleaning a wooden cutting board is easy. They can simply be scrubbed or brushed in warm soapy water after use and then left to dry. Because they’re so easy to clean, wooden carving boards are unlikely to easily contaminate or harbour harmful bacteria from meat. If homeowners want to ensure they get the most out of their board, they can season it occasionally with vegetable oil.


The sturdy and slightly gripped texture of a wood chopping board also makes it a safe tool to work with. Wooden boards are less likely to slip. They provide greater stability and decrease your chances of injury in the kitchen.


Many homeowners like to choose a board that aligns with the style of their home and design preferences. When a wooden cutting board is displayed in the kitchen, it can make for an eye-catching display. Quality hardwood boards have rich hues that add a touch of warmth and style.

At Wild Wood, we have carefully designed every aspect of our wooden cutting boards to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Our wooden carving boards are best for cutting meat as they are made of heavy-duty hardwood timber and can handle substantial chopping action. The acacia wood is stylish with its rich grain and vivid hues. But it is also naturally resistant to water and has antibacterial qualities.

The Best Features of our Wild Wood Carving Boards

Perhaps the best thing about timber is the wide range of options and features that you can choose from. At Wild Wood, we’ve designed our wood carving boards with your needs in mind. We added extra features that make them the best wood carving boards on the market for meat. These features include:

Drip Tray

Some Wild Wood carving boards are designed to include channels that run the border of the board. This acts as a drip tray and catches any juices running from your meat. This helps to ensure that your table stays clean. And, it means that you can easily pour all the tasty meat juices once carving is done.

Carving Spikes

Another unique feature to Wild Wood is the field of mini pyramids that we carve into the centre of the cutting board. These act as wooden spikes and hold your roast in place so that it doesn’t move around while carving.

Large Sizing

Our wood carving boards are designed and made to be extra-large. This makes them suitable for cooking meats of any size, including roast lamb, beef, pork, chicken and also slow-cooked dishes. No longer do you have to worry about the meat touching your bench or your knife damaging your countertop.


If you want a board that is going to take a beating and still last a lifetime, Wild Wood also designs some of our wood carving boards to be extra thick. This allows you to use full force cutting action, as you might with a meat cleaver, without worrying about damaging your board or benchtop. They are similar in style to the “butcher’s blocks” used by local butchers in the 1900s. And they look superb!

Conclusion: What is the best cutting board for meat?

The best cutting board for meat is one that is:

  • made of quality hardwood
  • water-resistant with antibacterial qualities
  • large enough for any type of meat or roast
  • includes features like drip channels and wooden spikes
  • designed to last a long time
  • easily washable in soapy water
  • looks aesthetically pleasing with rich grains

All of our Wild Wood carving boards are designed with these features in mind. We have a great range that provides options for any homeowner. But two boards stand out in particular as being the best wood carving boards for meat:

Mudgee Carving Board

If you are looking for a wood cutting board filled with features, you cannot look past the Mudgee Carving Board. This wood carving board has been purposely designed to be a meat lovers’ best friend. It includes the field of carving spikes to hold your roast in place while you carve. Plus, the wide channel around the board captures all the juices from your meat. If you want to carve and clean up with ease, the Mudgee Carving Board is an outstanding option that will last for many years.

Benefits of a Wood Cutting Board When Carving Meat

Franklin Large Thick End Grain Cutting, Chopping and Carving Board

All of our Wild Wood boards are designed for longevity. However if you also want a wood carving board that’s going to take a beating and last a lifetime, you can’t beat the Franklin butchers block style. It is designed to be extra thick and is a great option for people using heavy implements like cleavers. The Franklin was designed after the “butcher’s blocks” used by local butchers in the 1900s. It is a thing of beauty.

What is the best cutting board for meat?