Creative Design and Craftsmanship

When we are designing Wild Wood products we are always thinking of how to develop a board which is practical but also stylish. We believe in continually pushing the boundaries to create innovative, practical, quality products.

All Wild Wood boards start from an idea we have, then we develop and create every product to ensure that it is the best that it can be. We are always asking friends for feedback and ideas, and also value feedback from our many customers.

Our Wild Wood boards all go through many special stages of production which are not practised by other board makers. These include extended drying periods to ensure the boards do not easily warp or crack. We triple dip our boards into high quality mineral oils to ensure outstanding performance and longevity. We use high grade non-toxic bonding glues which have excellent adhesion strength and high water resistance levels.  

We cannot emphasise enough how much care and attention goes into designing and producing our products and how much we obsess about every detail. We are passionate about our brand and our products, and we hope you love the result.


Janie & Jonathan.
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