Wooden Spoons & Gadgets

Acacia wood boards

Wild Wood has a range of wooden spoons and wooden gadgets which will look great in every kitchen. Get rid of those plastic spoons, become eco-friendly with your prep tools, and start using high quality, FSC certified wooden spoons & gadgets from Wild Wood.

Wooden spoons are food-safe, and can be used for a multitude of kitchen tasks, they also add a lovely rustic charm to your cooking.  Remember those wonderful wood spoons your Mum or Nan used when cooking up all those delicious meals in their kitchen back in the day. Well they used wooden spoons for a reason. They are the best tools to use as they are ideal for multiple tasks, last a long time, are warm and comfortable in your hand, and are an eco-friendly alternative to using plastic.

All our wooden spoons and gadgets are developed to ensure they are of beautiful quality, stylish design and practicality.

Beech is our wood of choice for our spoons and gadgets, and is an ideal wood because it has a natural resilience to water with antibacterial properties.

All our Beech wood spoons and gadgets are 100% FSC-certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) works to take care of our forests and those who rely on them: by protecting plant and animal species, indigenous peoples rights, forest worker’s safety, and much more. This is achieved through FSC-certification, ensuring forests around the world are responsibly managed. FSC-certified wood comes from responsibly managed forests, which means they are renewable.

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