Mudgee Carving Board, 53.3 x 36.8 x 3cm

With a field of mini pyramids in the centre which act as spikes to hold your roast, this carving board is especially designed for carving. The pyramids, or spikes, will hold your roast in place so it doesn’t move around whilst you are carving. The wide juice lane around the board acts to capture the juices flowing from the roast and will ensure your table remains clean, and also act as a moat from which you can pour the juices after carving. The Mudgee carving board will be pride of place on your dining table when you are serving those succulent roasts for your family & guests.

Item #WCB105
Size (LxWxH)36.8 × 53.3 × 3 cm


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Available to Back Order | Currently we are out of stock, however a new shipment arrives in early May 2024

Additional information

  • Large carving board with wooden spikes
  • Specifically designed for carving meat
  • Reversible, opposite side is ideal for prepping meals
  • Ideal Father’s Day gift
  • Versatile design with smooth wooden underside for traditional chopping
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide
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