Rectangular Cheese Paddleboard, Large, 38.5 x 20cm

Designed as a smart serving board, this medium sized rectangular paddle is useful for presenting a three types of cheese with biscuits, or ideal for utilising as a share platter for appetisers, starters and tapas. This serving board or paddle is a popular commercial choice for larger hampers and gift boxes as it is a superb looking board and presents beautifully. It is also used in a lot of cafes and restaurants since due to its light weight. However it is still strong, and has an attractive full grain finish.

Item #WSE306
Size (LxWxH)38.5 × 20 × 1.3 cm


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Additional information

  • Affordable wooden paddle chopping board
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable ease of use
  • Ideal serving board for commercial use in restaurants and cafes, food-safe
  • Perfect serving board for presenting cheese, bread sticks and appetisers
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide
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