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Acacia wood boards

About Our Wooden Chopping Boards

Our wooden chopping boards are the perfect kitchen tool for all your cutting, chopping and food preparation. Wood cutting boards are the ideal addition to your kitchen because they have strong antibacterial properties, are easy to care for and will look after your knives, ensuring they stay sharper for longer.

Cutting and chopping using wooden boards will preserve your knife blade as the edge of the blade is not constantly hitting a hard surface such as glass, plastic or bamboo. Glass and bamboo boards will blunt your knife edge very quickly as the surface is tough and unforgiving. Plastic is also hard, but additionally is a material which allows germs to spread easily, especially into the cuts on the surface of a used plastic board. When you use a wooden board the wood fibres open up to the edge of the blade and then ‘repair’ as the blade is withdrawn. Over time the wood continues to ‘self-heal’ whilst protecting your knife blade.

It is important you purchase a good quality wood board which combines a beautiful natural look with a strong, rigid construction. This will ensure your board looks better and better as it gracefully ages.

Wild Wood boards are all made using Acacia wood, a superb hardwood with a lovely full grain finish which is warm and environmentally friendly. Acacia wood has a high end look due to its rich, vivid hues, which sets it apart from traditional boards. This attractive hardwood is also resilient to water and has antibacterial properties. Our acacia chopping boards are built tough and when cared for will last a long time. They all have a distinct design element borne out of beautiful quality, stylish design and practicality.

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