Wooden Spoon, Salt, 132mm, FSC Certified

This superb quality wooden salt spoon is made from 100% FSC-certified Beech. Wooden salt spoons are a great tool to use in the kitchen, and very handy to have around. Being 100% eco-friendly is a great start, but they are soft and comfortable in your hand, won’t scratch or damage your storage equipment, and you can leave them in your salt container knwoing it will be ready for your next cooking adventure. Wooden spoons are also very easy to clean, just hand wash in warm soapy water and let them dry in your rack. All Good! Regarding FSC Certification…The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) works to take care of our forests and those who rely on them: by protecting plant and animal species, indigenous peoples rights, forest workers’ safety, and much more. This is all achieved through FSC certification, which ensures forests around the world are responsibly managed. FSC-certified wood comes from responsibly managed forests, which means it is renewable. Wild Wood is committed to ethical sourcing. The FSC certification is an independent guarantee that the forest used to manufacture these products is managed according to agreed social, environmental and economic standards according to international FSC principles. It is our commitment to making a difference in the management of this precious resource.

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